During a violent kidnapping at the hands of terrorists intent on forcing him to build a bomb, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark suffered a near-fatal chest wound. Instead of the weapon his captors had in mind, Stark constructed a sophisticated metal suit that both stabilized his injury & allowed him to escape. Upon returning home, he vowed to use his resources and intellect to protect the world as the armored hero Iron Man!

Powers & Abilities
- Wears modular arc reactor-powered Iron Man armor, granting superhuman strength & durability, the ability to fly & project Repulsor blasts.
- Armor is also outfitted with complex tech, including a cutting-edge artificial intelligence, sophisticated sensor systems & other gadgetry.
- Genius-level intellect, with particular aptitude in invention & engineering.

Universe Inspired
Inspired by Marvel's Iron Man, this collection emanates Iron Man's iconic suit of armor. But just remember: Once your core is gone, so is your power.
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Infinity War
Infinity War
Infinity War
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