Universe Fine Jewelry - Swarovski Topaz Hammer Solitaire Ring Inspired by Marvel's Avengers: Endgame
Exclusively designed by Universe Fine Jewelry, this edgy hammer-textured band solitaire Infinity Stone ring is an elegant homage to Marvel's Infinity Stones as seen in Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame." Which stone will you choose? Red -Reality: An elegant, deep berry red color Genuine Swarovski Topaz. The Reality Stone has the ability to grant you any wish. Green - Time: A rich, elegant emerald green color Genuine Swarovski Topaz. The Time Stone allows you to travel through time and experience visions from other timelines simultaneously. Blue - pace: A deep, cool night blue color Genuine Swarovski Topaz. The Space Stone allows you to travel through time and space, and to experience multiple realities. Yellow - Mind: A warm, bright honey yellow color Genuine Swarovski Topaz. The Mind Stone allows you to connect your mind to others' and enhance your mind. Orange - Soul: A vibrant, warm clementine orange color Swarovski Genuine Topaz. We don't know a lot about the Soul Stone, but we do know that it has served as an inspiration for all of the other Infinity Stones. Purple - Power: A bold, royal purple color Genuine Swarovski Topaz. The Power Stone allows you to manipulate energy and can even grant you omnipotence. Which stone will be enough to save the Universe? This Infinity Stone is 0.284 carats of Genuine Swarovski Topaz. Note from Designer: These stones hold so much power, each piece is sure to bring out the Super Hero in you. OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This a licensed Marvel product.
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Category: Rings SubCategory:
Collection: Avengers: Endgame Metal: Sterling Silver
Stone Type: Swarovski Genuine Green Topaz, Swarovski Genuine Yellow Topaz, Swarovski Genuine Blue Topaz, Swarovski Genuine Red Topaz, Swarovski Genuine Purple Topaz, Swarovski Genuine Orange Topaz Finish: High Polish
Sizes: 5 through 9 Material: Sterling Silver, Swarovski Topaz
A note from the designer:
"Designing The Infinity Stone Collection became very easy to design once Universe Fine Jewelry partnered with Swarovski Gemstones. We used genuine topaz that brilliantly resembles each stone. I created timeless designs based on simplicity and minimalism, but wanted to continue creating inspiring jewelry pieces anyone would want to collect."

Pooja Kothari
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